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Nourish your body and regenerate the land by eating delicious local food! It’s a difference you can taste. Feel good knowing that you’re buying meat that's been raised cage-free on pasture that was never sprayed. In addition to all the goodies they find to eat outside, we offer our animals high-quality feed made with Oregon-grown ingredients. No antibiotics or hormones. We butcher all of our poultry and rabbits ourselves, on-site, and wouldn't have it any other way. This reduces stress in that they are not caged and trucked to a slaughterhouse. They live a good life, right up until the very end. Whole birds and rabbits are available fresh on butchering days, frozen after that. They'll come to you shrink-wrapped in BPA-free packaging, and include the giblets/organs and neck. If you want the feet too, let us know. If you make a lot of bone broth, extra feet are $2/lb. 


Thank you for eating local and supporting small family farms!

↣ Eggs 

$7/dzn. Fresh pick-up during spring, summer and fall.

The rooster isn't the only one who pays attention to the sunrise: hens sense light and lay eggs when the days are long. We let our flock rest in the winter, unlike many producers who use artificial light to trick them into laying year-round. Every DoLittle Pastures egg you put on your table will have a hard shell, a bright orange yolk, and exceptional taste. This year, you'll be delighted by a mix of green and brown eggs - they're as pretty as they are delicious! Eat a lot of eggs and want to save some money? We can set it up as a weekly subscription!

↣ Turkey 

$6/lb. Fresh pick-up Nov 24-26. Also available frozen.

We raise a limited number of turkeys each year and suggest reserving one early... though we may have a last minute bird or two, never hurts to ask! A $25 deposit reserves your bird and covers its care during the summer, credited toward the final price at $6/lb. Please specify a preferred weight range: 12-15 lbs, 16-19 lbs, 20+ lbs.

↣ Chicken 

Red......$25 each or 10 for $225

White...$20 each or 10 for $175

Fresh pick-up dates TBD. Also available frozen.

Our red chickens are an active, slow-growing breed with plenty of dark meat (Freedom Rangers). The white ones grow faster and therefore cost less to produce so we can offer them at a lower price (Cornish Cross). Limited freezer space?

Order 10 and split across two pick-up dates for no charge!

↣ Duck 

$30 each or 4 for $100. Frozen.

We introduced duck in 2018 and it fast became our family's favorite! (Hello, duck tacos, anyone?!?!) It's moist and flavorful; a wonderful way to add variety to your menus. We usually roast it whole but if you're in a hurry, sear quarters in a pan and serve them on top of a bed of braised greens. 4-5 lbs each.

↣ Rabbit

$8/lb. Fresh pick-up dates TBD. Also available frozen.

New for 2019! We've heard from a lot of folks who want to diversify their diets and introduce new grass-fed protein sources. Rabbit meat is lean, tasty and easy to prepare. Not sure what to do with it? We'd be happy to give you a quick tutorial when you pick-up. Pretty much you can use it the same way you would chicken. We especially love rabbit because it's one of the most sustainable meats out there, and really well suited to our region with its mild climate and abundant grasses.

↣ Pork & Lamb 

Customers have called our pastured pork"the best pork I've ever eaten". Folks who "don't like lamb" find our grass-fed lamb to be mild, tender and flavorful. Plan to pre-order a whole, half, or quarter hog/lamb early in the year for a fall butcher date. We also post available pork and lamb on the DoLittle Pastures Facebook page

↣ Wild & (Sugar) Free Blackberry Jam 

$5/ half-pint or $7 for a 2 oz jar

Regenerating feral land means working with what is. What's here right now is blackberries. Lots of blackberries. That will change as the native prairie and oak savanna is restored to pasture. But for now, there is an abundance of fruit that  makes a delicious, no sugar added jam. A bit of handpicked sunshine!

↣ Mushrooms 

Coming in 2020! 

We try to add something new each year. In 2018 it was duck. In 2019 it's rabbit.

If all goes well, in 2020 it will be oyster and shiitake mushrooms! 

Come out for a visit and see how they're grown in the forest. 

↣ Herbs & Herbal Remedies 

Send us a message to inquire as to what is currently available. 

The forest and meadows provide plants in every season for every need. What we have on hand varies from season to season. Let us know if you are looking for raw plant material (fresh or dried) or preparations such as tinctures and salves.

↣ Knife Sharpening 

 Send us a message to book. $1/inch for most items. 

Michelle remembers growing up and hearing her dad say "sharp knives cut meat, dull knives cut people". Eric is a knife sharpening pro. Good thing too, because we do a lot of butchering. You can mail him your dull kitchen knives or bring them to the farm. He can service your scissors, pruners and other bladed items too.