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Welcome, neighbor.


At DoLittle Pastures we believe diversity is good, and simplicity is good. That's why we have many different kinds of animals on our farm, living in harmony, each contributing to the land’s fertility.  We strive to work with nature, not against it. 

Thank you for joining us to eat real food grown in a sustainable manner that regenerates the land, strengthens our local food system, and nourishes a joyful life. 

​We look forward to being your farmers.


Eric & Michelle

Our Story


Established in 2015, DoLittle Pastures is our family's homestead in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The food we grow feeds us as well as folks like you, up and down the valley. If you come to visit, you'll find us nestled at the base of the Cascades in Lacomb, about 30 minutes east of Albany and within easy reach of Corvallis, Salem, Eugene, and Portland.

Eric oversees day-to-day operations. Several years ago he made a commitment to healthful eating. That, plus a love of the outdoors, led to becoming a farmer. With a background in Forestry and Watershed Management, Eric’s always thinking big. What would this land look like in 100 years if we took care of it today?

When she's not tending the chickens, Michelle works in food security and population health. Trained in International Agricultural Development and Health Promotion, Michelle builds communities that nourish women and children. What if everyone had access to nutritious, affordable, culturally-desirable food?


Together, we practice Holistic Management because everything is connected. Even what might seem like a mundane decision has far-reaching social, economic, and environmental implications. The little stuff is the big stuff. 

Truly a family farm, DoLittle Pastures is also home to some free-range kids and a dog named Turnip. Join us for a workday or a tour by appointment. We also invite you to come camp on the farm and enjoy almost a mile of completely private access to Crabtree Creek.