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Regenerating the land, one bite at a time.


The name “Dolittle Pastures” means diversity and simplicity. Like Dr. Dolittle, we seek to have many different species living together in harmony, each contributing to the land’s fertility. Like Masanobu Fukuoka, we strive to work with nature, not against it.



EDIT THIS We use no-till methods as well as regular ecological monitoring. Utilizing our observations of nature we provide healthy soil to healthy plants.


Rotational Grazing


Each morning the animals move to a new spot. This takes more time than it would to feed them in a pen. But we believe animals – even farm animals – are part of a dynamic ecosystem. When our sheep graze, below the surface the grass’ roots die back. Those dead roots feed beneficial organisms in the soil. The sheep turn the grass into manure that is alive with even more microorganisms. All those little creatures make fertile soil. The grass flourishes. Vegetable crops do too. As soil health improves, the land supports more numerous kinds of wild plants and animals. While a little bit of grazing is good, more is not better. Land that is constantly grazed will eventually become barren. Rotational grazing gives it a chance to rest and regenerate. It also means there is less reliance on fossil fuel to transport feed to the farm, or on petrochemical fertilizers.

“If nature is left to itself, fertility increases. Organic remains of plants and animals accumulate and are decomposed on the surface by bacteria and fungi. With the movement of rainwater, the nutrients are taken deep into the soil to become food for microorganisms, earthworms, and other small animals. Plant roots reach to the lower soil strata and draw the nutrients back up to the surface.” 

― Masanobu Fukuoka, 

The One-Straw Revolution

Brix Monitoring


DESCRIBE IT HERE One of our goals is a fully remineralized landbase. As we push towards this goal, the nutrient (and sugar/brix) content of our plants and your food will be getting better each year! 


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