Nourish your body and regenerate the land by eating delicious local food! It’s a difference you can taste. Feel good knowing that you’re buying meat that's been raised cage-free on pasture that was never sprayed. In addition to all the goodies they find to eat outside, we offer our animals high-quality feed made with Oregon-grown ingredients. No antibiotics or hormones. We butcher all of our poultry ourselves, on-site, and wouldn't have it any other way. This reduces stress in that they are not caged and trucked to a slaughterhouse. They live a good life, right up until the very end. Whole birds are available fresh on butchering days, frozen after that. They'll come to you shrink-wrapped in BPA-free packaging and include the giblets/organs and neck. If you want the feet, let us know. If you make a lot of bone broth, extra feet are $2/lb. 

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Thank you for eating local and supporting small family farms!

↣ Turkey 

$6/lb. Frozen.

Weights vary.

↣ Chicken 

Red......$25 each or 10 for $225. Frozen.

White...$20 each or 10 for $175. Frozen.

Red chickens are an active, slow-growing breed with plenty of dark meat. The white ones grow faster and therefore cost less to produce. Limited freezer space? 

Order 10 and split across two pick-up dates for no charge! 4-5 lbs each.

↣ Duck 

$30 each or 4 for $100. Frozen.

Moist and flavorful, duck is a wonderful way to add variety to your menus.

4-5 lbs each.

↣ Wild & (Sugar) Free Blackberry Jam 

$5/ half-pint or $7 for a 2 oz jar

Regenerating feral land means working with what is. What's here right now is blackberries. Lots of blackberries. That will change as the native prairie and oak savanna is restored to pasture. But for now, there is an abundance of fruit that  makes a delicious, no sugar added jam. A bit of handpicked sunshine!

↣ Knife Sharpening 

 Send us a message to book. $1/inch for most items. 

You can mail Eric your dull kitchen knives or bring them to the farm.

He can service your scissors, pruners and other bladed items too. 




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